Chalk Church July 2019

It was lovely to be back at the church despite the weather. Unusually we had to stay undercover because of the rain, but we carried on regardless. It gave us a chance to work on some new and existing projects as you can see here.

The pond, unfortunately (I later learnt from the church warden) has sprung a leak which explains the state it was in…….no water and very overgrown. Hopefully they will be able to repair it soon.

We look forward to coming back in August, fingers crossed for some sunshine.

Finished moon landing painting

Steve started his moon landing painting at the last session then finished it at home. His painting is based on the iconic photograph taken by Neil Armstrong, of Buzz Aldrin climbing down the steps of the lunar command module Eagle, just about to step onto the lunar surface for the first time.

Steve’s painting is so detailed that the Earth looks real and it even includes a crosshair from the original photo. It’s a fantastic painting, well done!

Moon Landing – June 2019

A very challenging subject as we had no photographic images of our own, but everyone painted superbly to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing in July 1969.

There were paintings of the moon’s surface, astronauts on the moon, the planets, an alternative moon landing from an alien, Earth rise, the Eagle lunar module, a blue moon, the moon from the Earth and the Columbia command module being recovered from the sea. Most paintings were not finished on the evening, but will be completed at home.

Three of us used the same reference photo of Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon, but all three paintings were different.

There’s also one beautiful iris from Fay, as she had already completed her planets picture.