Acrylic Workshop with David Hyde May 2019

We had a brilliant day painting with David. He is an excellent tutor and gave us lots of advice which will make a big difference to the way we use acrylics. Here are some photos of David and the group working, together with David’s finished painting. Make sure you click on the goldfinch to see the textures and detail.

Here are our members’ paintings from the day including Patrick’s raven and Ken’s two watercolours.

Queen Victoria 8th May 2019

DSC05414Our topic was, in fact, anything relating to Queen Victoria and the Victorian era. How interesting to see the range of subjects used. We have numerous paintings of Queen Victoria at different ages.

Here are some William Morris designs including a modern day interpretation.

Here we have the Taj Mahal and an Indian gentleman (India once being part of the British Empire), Rosherville Gardens (Victorian Pleasure Gardens in Gravesend, a favourite destination for thousands of Londoners, many travelling by paddle steamer down the River Thames, no longer in existence). The Clock Tower, Gravesend and Victoria Falls (in Africa named by David Livingstone).

And finally James Clerk Maxwell (The Scottish physicist best known for his formulation of electromagnetic theory), Charles Dickens and a lady in a crinoline.