January & February 2019


Wednesday 9th    7-9pm  –   Fast and loose

Brush off the cobwebs and get drawing and painting in a relaxed but speedy style.  Any subject, but if you’re stumped for an idea look through your Christmas cards for any scenes or subjects you can tackle with a flourish.  Try out ideas in your sketchbook if you don’t want to commit anything to watercolour paper or canvas.  Also paying subs and having a natter!

Saturday 26th    10am-3.30pm   –   Depth of Field

Think about your composition before you start painting. Look at the foreground, main subject then the distance. Is the foreground too plain?  Can you add details, texture or vary colours to draw the viewer’s eye into your painting? Try painting a winter scene from a photo or a Christmas card, or if you’d rather be somewhere warmer, bring in a summer holiday photo to paint from.

The fee for today is £6.  No need to book.


Wednesday 13th   7-9pm  –   Miniatures 

Try painting on a smaller scale than you usually do to see if you can really pick out important details. Paint on a postcard, paper or a canvas no bigger than 4” x 6”.

Saturday 23rd    10am-3.30pm   –   Texture

Following on from last month, think again about your compositions.  Can you add texture to give your paintings more interest to the viewer?  

With acrylics or oils use modelling paste on your canvas, add sawdust or sand to your paint, or use a palette knife.  

With watercolours prepare your paper before the session by gluing on tissue paper, other watercolour paper or white material.  Make sure the glue you use will accept watercolour paint on top.  You can also use ‘watercolour ground’ directly on the paper.  

Alternatively, use today as a mixed media session with any textures you like.  In the past we have been amazed when people use flowers, material, patterned card, nail varnish, sand and even dead bees and spiders in their paintings.

The fee for today is £6.  No need to book.

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