November & December 2018

How are your paintings for our Open Day coming along?  Susan is designing the advertising poster so if you have paintings you’d like featured, preferably landscapes as lots of animal pictures have been received, please email photos to her a.s.a.p. 


Wednesday 14th    7-9pm    –    Remembrance / Preparing for Open Day

It’s one hundred years since the end of the First World War, so paint a picture of a poppy, an illustrated poem, a battle scene or anything that you feel is a commemoration of those who fought and died or who came home but were changed by what they had seen.

Alternatively, you can finish any paintings that you will be displaying at our Open Day in a couple of weeks. If you’ve already finished your paintings feel free to bring along frames to string or unframed work to mount, wrap and label.


Friday 23rd     7-9pm        Handing in paintings and hanging

We would be grateful for a few volunteers (with scissors!) to help with hanging.

Please do not come before 7pm as we need to set up receiving tables before this time.

Framed work– up to 6 per member, ready to hang with cord/wire across the back, for sale or not.

Please do this as we have frames handed in every year that are not strung across the back so cannot be put up on the wall.

Mounted work– no limit, in clear plastic sleeves, ready to be placed in a browser. All browser work must be for sale, as visitors expect to buy from the browsers.

All work must have a label with your name, title, medium used, £ price, or NFS. The label should be on the front of the painting or plastic cover of browser work, or a luggage label is okay hanging from a frame. There are paintings every year that have no label…we do not know who they belong to, so please label everything!  We do not charge commission, so please price at the amount you would like for your work.

If you stay to help hang the paintings please don’t reserve a bit of wall and spread your paintings out. We always run out of space so be prepared to hang a picture where there’s a gap. Your paintings might not all be together but it doesn’t matter as people walk around and look at everything. 

The group and the hall do not have insurance, so if you’re concerned about loss or damage, you need to arrange your own cover. If you’re a member of the SAA please check with them as to what level of cover you have.


Saturday 24th      10am-3.30pm    –    Open Day

Come along and ‘do your own thing’ today, like a normal Saturday, but with our work on display. Bring your lunch as normal and eat it at any time, as we don’t have a break.

Visitors are welcome between 10.30am and 2.30pm and we hope you will be happy to chat to anyone who shows an interest in your work.

If you see visitors waiting by the kitchen hatch for a cup of tea, please make them one, even if you don’t know them. Also, wash up any cups or plates so we have enough all the time, and, very importantly, keep the biscuit plate topped up!

If anyone wants to buy a painting from the wall or browser please take them to Tracy Q-P and if there are any membership enquiries, take them to talk to Susan E. 

We usually accept cash as it’s easier to hand out at the end of the session. If a visitor wants to pay by cheque then they will be introduced to the artist to arrange cheque clearing and delivery details between them.

If you don’t sell any paintings, please don’t be upset.  We call it our ‘Open Day’ so that friends, family and local people can come to see what we create during our arty sessions.

The fee for today is £6.00, no need to book, just come along to paint and enjoy the day.



Wednesday  12th    6.30 – 9pm    –    Party

We will be having our traditional party and your family is welcome too. Drink will be provided but please bring along a plate of food to share.  If it’s for a coeliac/ vegetarian/ vegan diet please label it clearly so people know what they can eat.

If you can help organise the evening and/or have any quiz ideas, please let us know.

Dress in your best Christmas jumpers and hats!

Let us know if you are coming and if you are bringing guests.

There will be no Saturday meeting in December, but please put Wednesday 9th January in your diaries, as it will be our first meeting of 2019.