Mixed Media Workshop September 2018

This workshop was a great success, everyone had a go at using varied mediums to create their works of art. It was a busy, productive workshop. We picked up ideas from each other, there was a lot of wandering around to see what different materials were being used.


Here are some paintings with details of materials used.

Susan’s sheep (still to be finished) was created by applying wool with pva glue to mount board. The whole board was covered with gesso applied roughly. It had to dry overnight before painting with watercolour.


The next two paintings by Cynthia are a mix of watercolour, acrylic, Inktense pencils and newspaper.

Doreen’s dog is made with acrylic, Inktense pencils and graphite pencil

DSC04739Tracy’s beach painting is made with acrylic paint, newspaper, sand and shells (from her recent holiday) and foil.

DSC04720Andrea’s mountains were made from acrylic paint, charcoal, crackle paste, watercolour, ink and pencil.

DSC04734Patrick’s Nebula is made from Artisan oil paints, gesso with ground rice, inktense pencils, pencils and blending fluid.

DSC04730Ann L’s window with acrylic ink, waterspray and salt.

DSC04732Linda’s Swans used watercolour, acrylic paint, pen, moulding paste and gold leaf.

DSC04728Margaret’s Roofs were painted from textured gel, ink and watercolour.


Juliet’s silver birches created with wax, pen and watercolour.

Here are more paintings from our artists

Clouds September 2018

There we were painting clouds and studying our sky reference materials when the sunset outside turned out to be even more spectacular. We took time to stand outside and watch the sky change in the space of just a few minutes.

These are the paintings/ practice pieces we produced using a range of colours and, in some cases, white gouache. Not an easy subject….but practice makes perfect.

This is a sketch Brian was working on.