September & October 2018


Wednesday 12th     7-9pm     –     Nephology

What is Nephology? It is the study of clouds.  We all paint clouds in landscapes but if you want them to look more convincing, then practice painting clouds in different ways. From light, fluffy clouds to storm clouds, paint several skies with different cloud formations. John Constable painted clouds and skies all the time in several sketchbooks. Look to the sky or online for your inspiration, and view the gallery at


Saturday 22nd    10am-3.30pm     –     Mixed Media

So many of us stick to one media in our pictures, so spend the day combining different mediums. Try and use at least 3 different media and let your imagination run free. Our competition last year was a popular day, so on the blog look back to June 2017 for photographs of that mixed media day.

The fee for today is £6



 Wednesday 10th     7-9pm    –    City Skyline

Paint the skyline of your favourite city or town. In daylight or in silhouette, capture the shapes of that skyline. Hopefully by the end of the session we can name the city each other has painted.

Saturday 27th     10am-3.30pm    –   Watercolour workshop with Sue Bradley

Sue has visited us before and is a friendly and encouraging tutor. A few years ago we enjoyed her workshop painting dancing ladies and Venetian masks so we are reprising this workshop as we had such a good day. Bring your watercolours, a straw and lots of puff!

See Sue’s website at

The fee for today is £13                  Please book with Susan asap


Picture diary from Hull holiday

On the recent Hull holiday that both M&C and Gravesend Art Group members went on, one GAG member, Pauline, kept a picture diary.  She has given permission for her paintings to be on our blog, so here are a few of them.

What brilliant idea to paint each day’s adventure to a new place!

If you’re going away this summer, why not take a small sketch book with you and try something similar?