Painting out at Chalk Church Pond and Barn July 2018

The first of our outdoor summer meetings this year.

Most of us stayed outside as it wasn’t too hot. As you can see from the photos the sun has dried out the grass making it quite different from previous years but nonetheless a lovely place to sit and paint for a day.

There is still plenty of subject matter here including buildings but some of us took the opportunity to finish off recent projects. Of course it’s always lovely to catch up and chat and see what everyone else is painting, perhaps bounce some ideas off each other.

Let’s hope for another lovely day when we visit again in August.


More insects

Our insect evening proved popular, with all the recent paintings. Here is Tracy QP’s finished butterfly painting.  A couple of days later she sketched a hollyhock in watercolour and also black ink, in a friend’s garden, and was delighted when a rather chubby bee flew to the flowers to collect pollen.

More Insects

Here are the latest paintings.

From Margaret, stag beetles seen in Cobham Woods some years back and bumble bees and grasshoppers from local countryside.IMG_1591

And Susan’s finished Ladybird from the Wednesday workshop.


Insects 11th July

When you look closely you realise just how beautiful nature is, especially insects. The range of patterns and colours is huge.

We have tried to capture those details as you can see. Our Wednesday evening meetings are only two hours long so some of the work is unfinished, but nonetheless the paintings are coming along very nicely.

A range of mediums have been used including pencils, inks, watercolour and acrylic paints and bronzing powders.

We hope to bring you the finished paintings at a later date.

Watts Gallery Artists’ Village Trip

Last weekend several members of our group joined a trip to Watts Gallery Artists’ Village, organised by a Gloria at Gravesend Art Group.

Watts Gallery is in the tiny village of Compton, which is just passed Guildford, Surrey, and, traffic permitting on the M25, should take just over an hour to get to.

The weather was hot and sunny and we all had a marvellous day. We explored the gallery housing Victorian artist G.F.Watts’ paintings and sculptures, had a private guided tour of his house, Limnerslease, and then had free time to either sketch or have a short walk to the cemetery chapel.  The shop proved very popular too!

A visit is highly recommended as there is so much to see there.  Please find more information at

Please have a look through some of Tracy Q-P’s photos…