July & August 2018

We’ll be holding our annual Open Day on Saturday November 24th 2018.  Please get painting now so you’ll have work ready for our visitors, either framed on the walls or mounted in the browsers.  Perhaps these session ideas will help inspire you…


 Wednesday 11th     7 – 9pm    –    Insects

There are lots of insects around this month, so draw or paint your favourite. Ladybirds, bees, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, beetles, bugs, ants etc.


Saturday 28th    10.15am – 3pm  –   ‘Do your own thingat Chalk Church

Thereslightly later start time of 10.15amso please donarrive before then and block the lane. Thankyou!

We return to our summer venue at St.Mary’s Church in Chalk. The church and the pond with its ‘Monet’ bridge are popular subjects to paint, but please donfeel you have to.  Many of us have painted these many times, so instead start any project for our Open Dayor bring paintings you want to finish.

If it’s raining we still meet here, as there’s an indoor room with tables and chairs.
There’s free parking, toilet facilities, and refreshments as usual.

Please bring along folding chair or stool if you intend to paint outside.  If you can only make the morning or afternoon, please come along and join us for a couple of hours.

There is no fee for today, but any donation to the Church Fund is appreciated



Wednesday 8th   7 – 9pm    –   She sells sea shells on the seashore 

Think of a summer’s day on the beach in the UK or abroad. In any medium paint a seashore, a child collecting shells, or focus on a shell itself…the shape, colours, textures etc.


Saturday 25th    10am – 3.30pm   –  ‘DYOTat Chalk Church

As in July.  You do not have to paint the church or pond. Finish your painting from last month, paint something new, or complete another project…have you got any paintings ready for our Open Day in November?

Remember your stool or folding chair if you want to paint outside.

Again, no charge for today, but any donation to the Church Fund is most welcome.


2018 Competition – Russia

What a huge challenge and very successfully you rose to it!  Several people painted more than one picture, so when we voted for our favourite painting there was a vast range to choose from.

There were bears, ballerinas, traditional dancers, the Russian flag, the national flower of Russia which is the chamomile, a Putorana snow sheep, the outline of the country itself, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, cathedrals in St.Petersburg and other cities, matryoshka nesting dolls, seals, birds, a statue, the Russian Steppe, Przewalski’s horses, and Russian women from history and from modern times.

The clear winner was Chris with her entry of a Russian brown bear, which received half of all the votes. It was beautifully painted in watercolour in browns, reds and blues, with Chris using fine brush strokes to create the bear’s fur.

Joint 2nd were Cynthia with her picture of the White Swan ballerina from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet, and Deirdre with her painting in acrylic of a Russian peasant woman selling apples. Well done to all three of you!

Please look through the following photos to see all the fantastic entries…

Competition – Russia – June 2018

Our annual competition begins on a Wednesday session and finishes on the next Saturday session.  A good start was made by everyone and they had all given a lot of thought about what to paint. There were paintings of:-

  • St.Petersburg football stadium
  • Russian peasants
  • a dancer wearing a traditional Russian costume
  • inspiration from the Russian painter Marc Chagall
  • Matryoshka nesting dolls
  • Russian cathedrals and domes
  • the Russian steppe
  • Przewalkski’s horses


Two members continued with their paintings of a landscape and a canal scene in Venice. The colours mixes on Peta’s palette are gorgeous aren’t they?