March & April 2018

Welcome to all our new members, we hope you enjoy coming along to our art sessions. Below are the suggested subjects to paint, but if you don’t want to paint them, that’s no problem at all, just bring along your own ideas. If you want to come to a workshop then please book with Susan asap, as sometimes we have to limit numbers due to artist preferences or the space we have.  If you have any questions, please ask!


Wednesday 14th    7-9pm   –   Chinese Year of the Dog

Recent celebrations in China and around the world welcomed in the Year of the Dog. In any medium paint a picture of a dog, paint a dog using a Chinese style of brushwork, or paint a Chinese street scene of the celebrations.

Saturday 24th    10am-3.30pm   –   Inks/pen and ink/line and wash

Today we are going to be using all manner of pens and inks, experimenting with and incorporating inks into our art works.

More details will follow nearer the time, together with examples of how artists have used this medium in their work.  If you have inks then bring them along, but please don’t go out and spend a lot, you can use Quink ink in a bottle to draw and paint with.

 If you have examples, whether in a sketch book or paintings, please bring them along to share with us.

 The fee for today is £6



 Wednesday 11th     7-9pm   –   Post boxes

An integral part of British history since 1853, there are over 115,500 post boxes in the UK, of over 800 different types. 60% of post boxes carry the EIIR mark of Queen Elizabeth II, with the others from previous monarchs dating back to VR for Queen Victoria. They are hexagonal, fluted, round or square and the vast majority are red and black, apart from a few rare early bronze-green ones, light blue for airmail and 110 painted gold for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic champions.

Paint a landscape, townscape or even a snowscape, and incorporate a post box in it, for an eye-catching pop of red.

Google for a picture, sketch your local post box or have a look at the fascinating website of The Letter Box Study Group  where there are many photographs.


Saturday 28th     10am-3.30pm   –   Coloured Pencil Workshop with Alex Roch

We will be joined today by a new artist for the group, Alex Roch. She will be running a workshop in coloured pencils on the subject of flowers. Further details will follow nearer the date, but do look at Alex’s website at

Please book your place with Susan asap, at one of the sessions, or by email or phone.

(please don’t try and book in the ‘leave a comment’ section as we don’t see messages until days later!)

The fee for today is £15




Klimt February 2108

Here are some the paintings from our Klimt evening (as well as a few other projects members are working on).

As there was quite a lot of work involved most are unfinished but hopefully you can see that the art is in the style of Klimt especially the use of gold paint and pattern.

Tom’s Painting

A note from Linda

I have just had this painting framed and it is now in pride of place in my living room. I have titled it Tom’s painting as this was the last painting I did with Tom and Patrick when we used to go out on weekends and paint Gravesend.

It is a lovely memory for me of the Three Amigos as I used to call us.’



Here is Susan’s watercolour painted on handmade paper from South India. It’s 100% recycled cotton rag, 320gsm, 20cm square and didn’t need stretching. Interestingly the paper is not white so would not lend itself to all subjects but seems to work well here.