January & February 2018


Wednesday 10th   7-9pm   –   Snow scenes/Christmas cards

Before you recycle all your Christmas cards, choose a few favourites and design your own card. Use any medium and consider getting your own painting published as a Christmas card, like a few members do already.

Our first meeting of the year is also a time to catch up with friends, so please come along for a cuppa and a natter, and remember your subs too.

Our friend Tom Monk very kindly left his art materials to the group, so Patrick will be bringing them today. If you’d like anything, please make a donation to club funds, so they can continue to be used to subsidise future workshops that we have.

Saturday 27th   10.00am -3.30pm   –   Pot Luck Landscape

Bring your pencils and paints and pick an envelope. Inside will be photos of a landscape or seascape, a building and some people, not necessarily to scale. Paint a picture combining all three elements and see what you can create.  If you paint quickly then choose another envelope. This is a good way to get back into painting if you’re short of inspiration.

To make your painting work well, try painting using one of the palettes that we learnt about when Melanie Cambridge visited us. Use a vibrant, analogous, triadic or Zorn palette. Google them or look back on the blog to October 2017 where all the palettes are explained.

If there are any of Tom’s art materials left from the Wednesday session, they will be available for a donation to club funds.                                                                                            

The fee for today is £6.



Wednesday 14th   7-9pm   –   Gustav Klimt

One hundred years ago the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt died. Be creative using his distinctive style – use a human figure, add patterns and gold leaf or paint. Visit klimt.com and gustav-klimt.com for inspiration.

Saturday 24th   10.00am-3.30pm   –   Collage Workshop with Fiona Spirals

Fiona is running a collage workshop with us again. If you think that collage pictures belong in school, come to the session and be inspired by creative and bubbly Fiona. You’ll take home a completed picture and never look at collage the same way again!

All you need is a canvas or board (new or an old one that you go over) but not paper, as it would get too soggy. Bring along a picture or use one of Fiona’s. She’ll also be bringing all the magazines and glue that you’ll need.

See her website at… fionaspirals.co.uk

The fee for today is £10

Please use a booking form and post to Susan, or email or phone her asap to book your place.


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