Try Something New September 2017

On Saturday we had 27 members having a go at something new. Whether it was just painting a subject they don’t normally paint or switching from acrylics to watercolours or using lots of different mediums.

Can you spot the artex, ink, silk, fabric, inks, watercolour pencils, gouache…..the list goes on. We hope this inspired everyone to work out of their comfort zone and just have some fun.

Abstract Shapes – August Wednesday

Love it or loathe it, painting in an abstract way was tried by the majority of those members who met last Wednesday evening.

Some painted simple abstractions, whilst others embraced their inner-abstract soul that was waiting to escape. Well done everyone!

Here we see members working on their abstract painting using a variety of sources…their own imagination, photos, greetings cards and still-life objects. The last 3 photos show paintings worked on by members painting their own projects.


To help inspire us, Patrick brought in three pictures he had previously created, which show abstract shapes based on real places and buildings. The fourth photo below shows a painting bought locally by Eric S, showing pleasing shapes and colours of an abstract painting.