September & October 2017


Wednesday 13th    7-9pm   –   Abstract shapes

If painting in an abstract style is a step too far for you, try painting the abstract shape of a single object. Look at the curved surface of a shiny kettle, the shape of an item reflected in the back of a spoon, shapes of objects through water in a vase or the interesting patterns created through the base of the glass itself. Or use a photo and look within it to see the abstraction you can create.

Any medium, any size, get abstract shapes down on paper or canvas.


Saturday 23rd     10am-3.30pm   –   Try something new

An objective for many this year included the task of ‘try something new’. You could try gouache for the first time, or charcoal, oils, calligraphy, pen and wash, painting on wood, or inks. The list is endless, but choose something you’ve always wanted to have a go at.

Alternatively, bring along paintings you need to finish for our Open Day on Saturday 25th November.

The fee for today is £6.  No need to book.



Wednesday 11th    7-9pm  –  Watercolour wet-in-wet autumn leaves

Wet-in-wet watercolour technique is a beautiful way to create a painting of autumn leaves. Bring in leaves you’ve found and paint the shape of that leaf in a light watercolour. Then drop in various other colours within that leaf and tip the paper to achieve the effect you want. Alternatively use inks, watered down acrylics or watercolour pencils and spray with water.


Saturday 28th   10am-3.30pm –  Acrylic workshop with Melanie Cambridge

Melanie Cambridge will be visiting us again and the requested subject to paint is a still-life set up. We did this with Melanie last year and we had a very enjoyable and productive day.

To see what we did before, scroll down on the right hand side where all the dates are, and click on June 2016.

Melanie has a website at and has a page on Facebook too.

The fee for today is £15…please book your place with Susan asap.



Sunsets-August 2017

We were thin on the ground on Wednesday evening, no doubt due to the torrential rain. However, the few of us who made it through had a good couple of hours starting new paintings or carrying on with current projects. A lot of the work here needs to be finished so we hope to publish them at a later date. There are some examples here of colour mixing as a prep to painting sunsets.