July Painting Out Day at Chalk Church

Our long awaited July Saturday meeting  arrived and we were very happy to be back painting around the pond at Chalk Church. Although not as hot as it has been we were able to spend the day outside, avoiding the rain which, lucky for us, came after we had finished.

As we have painted here many times before some of us used the day to finish recently started work, so no, there weren’t any cats perched on windowsills and no blue horses.

We hope you like our work.

Thank you everyone who came and donated money for the church, we raised £45.00

Buildings in Perspective

This was a very useful practice session on perspective. Perspective drawing is a drawing technique used to illustrate dimension through a flat surface. It can be quite a simple exercise or a complicated one and there are some good examples here.

The picture at the end is Patrick’s finished painting from our Mixed Media day.