July & August 2017

For our Saturday meeting on NOVEMBER 25th 2017 we’ll be holding our annual Open Day again. Please get painting now so you’ll have work ready for our visitors, either framed on the walls or in the browsers.  Perhaps these session ideas will help to inspire you…


Wednesday 12th    7-9pm   –   Buildings in Perspective

One of the most popular requests of your art objectives is drawing buildings with the correct perspective.  Not painting or drawing buildings as blocks, but wanting to make buildings as solid and real as possible. Practice your drawing with vanishing points, or if you’re more confident then go straight for painting. Your chosen building doesn’t have to be a huge and covered with windows, start simply with a house or outbuilding, draw on your vanishing points, then get drawing to improve your skills.


Saturday 22nd    10am-3.30pm   –   ‘Do your own thing’ at Chalk Church               

We return to our summer venue at St Mary’s Church in Chalk. The church itself and the pond with its ‘Monet’ bridge are popular subjects to paint, but please don’t feel you have to!
Many of us have painted these before, so start any project for our Open Day, bring paintings you want to finish, or ones that you’re stuck on.
If it’s raining we still meet here, as there’s an indoor room with tables and chairs.
There’s free parking, toilet facilities, and refreshments as usual.
Please bring along a folding chair or stool if you intend to paint outside.

There is no fee for today, but any donation to the Church Fund is appreciated.



Wednesday 9th    7-9pm    –   Sunsets 

Warm summer evenings, holidays abroad, a walk along the beach, a barbeque on the patio…all enhanced by watching the sun set in a colourful sky. Use your own holiday photos or memories to paint a sunset in any medium of your choice. Why not try a new medium to challenge yourself?


Saturday 26th    10am-3.30pm    –   ‘DYOT’ at Chalk Church

As in July. Finish your painting from last month, paint something new, or complete another project…have you any paintings ready for our Open Day in November?
Remember your stool or folding chair!

Again, no charge for today, but any donation to the Church Fund is most welcome.




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