Watercolour Workshop with Eric Stewart May 2017

Eric, one of our longest serving members, kindly offered to run a workshop for us and we were very happy to accept. We offered a donation for a charity of his choice and raised £100 which went to his granddaughter’s fund raising. Hannah is a senior guide and hoping to go to Mexico to take part in a volunteering programme. This programme, called LaSERIO, is run by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts with the aim of joining together with girl guides from around the world to make a difference in impoverished areas.

In the morning we worked on a ‘seaside’ theme and in the afternoon a typical country village setting.

We did work very hard to produce the work seen here and it was a good day and resulted in an abundance of paintings. Members commented that they enjoyed having a structured session and thanked Eric for all his hard work in planning and executing a rewarding workshop.

It never fails to amaze that we are all working with watercolours, all painting the same subject but the range is so diverse.



One thought on “Watercolour Workshop with Eric Stewart May 2017

  1. I’m pleased to see the workshop went well. Sorry that Tom, Linda and myself were unable to make it. I intend to come to every other meeting this year! I also intend to come to next Saturday’s event but have no idea what I’m going to do.


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