May & June 2017



Wednesday 10th   7-9pm   –   American Artists

A current exhibition to visit until June is at the Royal Academy in London, showing American artists’ paintings from the 1930s. Expanding to include artists from the USA before and after this time, paint in the style of your favourite artist.

Choose from one of the following or research another artist…Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, James Whistler, Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sergeant, Faith Ringgold, Jackson Pollock, Jacob Lawrence, Kara Walker or Jeff Koons.


Saturday 27th    10am-3.30pm  –  Watercolour workshop with Eric Stewart

Our own Eric S will be running this watercolour workshop on the theme of a seaside seascape. Eric will be supplying the picture for us to work from, but those who work quickly might want to bring another picture to work from if you finish your first painting.

Bring your watercolours and the paper you usually paint on, no need for anything else.

Eric didn’t want a fee to run this workshop, but we’ve found out he is raising money for his granddaughter, Hannah, who is a senior guide and hoping to go to Mexico this summer on a guide trip. We thought it a good idea to add a couple of pounds to a normal Saturday fee to give to Eric to help Hannah achieve her goal. If on the day you would like to give a little extra donation, then it would be most gratefully received.

Please book with Susan asap. There are no restrictions on numbers, but Eric needs to know how many artists to prepare for.

The fee for today is £8



Wednesday 14th    7-9pm   –   Spring Competition

Our yearly competition is a very friendly affair and is NOT compulsory…if you don’t want to enter a picture for judging, that’s fine, please just use what is suggested as inspiration for a painting.

The theme is…MIXED MEDIA

This year there is no subject, you can paint absolutely any subject you want, just use at least 3 different mediums in your paintings.

Mixed media was the most asked for objective, so having a couple of sessions will help you experiment and get used to using several mediums in one painting.

There’s no right or wrong way to paint mixed media, just your own way.

The variety of mediums to use is almost endless. Try…oils, acrylics, watercolours, pens, pencils, ink, collage, glue, sawdust, sand, tea, coffee, wax, salt, Brusho, fabrics, newspapers, flowers, feathers, pastels, chalk, leaves, metal, shells, plastic, glitter, gold or silver leaf etc.


Saturday 24th    10am-3.30pm   –   Spring Competition continued

Continue with your mixed media picture, or paint another. Please use at least 3 different mediums in your painting and make a note of what they are on a small piece of paper, as it will be interesting to see the different effects produced.

All pictures to be in by 3pm, when we all cast one vote for our favourite painting. The artist of the winning painting will win a small cash prize.

The fee for today is £6. No need to book.