Sue Bradley Watercolour Workshop

We had a lovely day painting sunflowers and cornflowers with Sue in her ‘loose’ style. She is a very calm, relaxed teacher and we thoroughly enjoyed being taught by her. Here you can see Sue demonstrating and us working along.

Firstly Sue applied masking fluid with a toothbrush to the sunflower heads before painting them. Then she used some salt after the paint had been applied (whilst still wet). At a later stage clingfilm was laid on to suggest the lower leaves and stalks. Click on her finished sunflowers to see the effects.

Our own efforts are further down the page and the standard is high, thanks to excellent instruction.


Here are our paintings, quite a lot!

And here is a painting that one of our members was working on independently


Great Fire of London Workshop

“Oh the miserable and calamitous spectacle!”

wrote John Evelyn, english writer and diarist of the time.

Here are the paintings and drawings from our workshop, hopefully not miserable and calamitous.

Bearing in mind that our Wednesday evening workshops last only two hours, great progress was made. You should get an idea of how paintings progress from these images.The work definitely gives a good impression of fire, one can feel the heat coming off the page. Can you imagine what it must have felt like?

image2image3img_0915img_0906img_0909img_0907img_0901img_0902img_0905img_0899img_0900img_0896img_0897Here are a couple of different paintings that our members were working on.