Chalk Church 27th August 2016

IMG_0858Our second visit of the summer saw 18 of us enjoying the sunshine and our favourite pastime…..painting.

Again we were able to paint the pond and church at our leisure whilst enjoying our second favourite pastime….socialising; as can be seen by the photos taken on the day.

Thank you to everyone who attended the two days painting at Chalk, you donated a total of  £ 74.00  which has been passed on to the church.IMG_0857IMG_0856IMG_0855IMG_0854IMG_0862IMG_0861IMG_0860IMG_0859IMG_0868IMG_0877IMG_0876IMG_0867IMG_0875IMG_0866IMG_0874IMG_0865IMG_0873IMG_0872IMG_0870IMG_0869IMG_0878

2 thoughts on “Chalk Church 27th August 2016

  1. How lucky to be able to visit and sit and paint in such a tranquil setting. My first time this year and we were so lucky with the weather. Thank you for the opportunity it was lovely!

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