Chalk Church 27th August 2016

IMG_0858Our second visit of the summer saw 18 of us enjoying the sunshine and our favourite pastime…..painting.

Again we were able to paint the pond and church at our leisure whilst enjoying our second favourite pastime….socialising; as can be seen by the photos taken on the day.

Thank you to everyone who attended the two days painting at Chalk, you donated a total of  £ 74.00  which has been passed on to the church.IMG_0857IMG_0856IMG_0855IMG_0854IMG_0862IMG_0861IMG_0860IMG_0859IMG_0868IMG_0877IMG_0876IMG_0867IMG_0875IMG_0866IMG_0874IMG_0865IMG_0873IMG_0872IMG_0870IMG_0869IMG_0878

September & October 2016

How are your paintings coming along for our Open Day on 26th November? They can be paintings in frames to hang on the walls, or unframed to put in the browsers. If you’re stuck for ideas then try these suggested subjects and workshops.

If you want to book a workshop place please email/phone/speak to Susan at a session as usual. (Please don’t use the comment box at the bottom as messages are screened and can take a few days to get through to us. Thank you)


Wednesday 14th   7-9pm  –  Fire! Fire!

It’s 350 years since the Great Fire of London, when fire ravaged the City of London for four days. 13000 homes were destroyed,187 churches were ruined and Old St.Paul’s Cathedral burnt to the ground.

The Museum of London is holding an exhibition of this historic event, see and click on ‘what’s on’.

Paint a picture in any medium of…Old St.Paul’s Cathedral, Tudor houses, street scenes before or afterwards,  or perhaps The Monument, built between 1671-77 to represent the rebuilding of the city (

Alternatively, you can interpret this idea your own way and paint any fire.

Saturday 24th   10am-3.30pm  –  Floral Watercolour Workshop with Sue Bradley

Sue ran a workshop for us last year, painting dancing ladies and Venetian masks. She returns to paint flowers with us, in her loose, colourful style.

Her website can be viewed at

The fee for today is £14. Please book with Susan asap.



 Wednesday 12th   7-9pm   –   Battle of Hastings

Another date too good to miss, it’s 950 years since 1066 and one of the most important dates in British history.

Using any medium… paint a battle scene, a portion of the Bayeux Tapestry, boats arriving at Pevensey Bay in Sussex, King Harold, Duke William, soldier’s armour, Norman or Anglo Saxon clothing, or perhaps Battle Abbey itself, now looked after by English Heritage (

Saturday 22nd   10am-3.30pm   –   Collage Workshop with Fiona Spirals

Local artist Fiona Spirals returns. You’ll need a canvas, canvas board or sheet of MDF (you can re-use old ones). Do not use paper as it gets soaked with glue.

Bring your own photo or picture to copy and Fiona will supply glue and magazines to tear pieces from, but if you have any magazines you’d like to use then bring them along.

Fiona’s website is…

The fee for today is £10. Please book with Susan asap.