Mixed media workshop with Melanie Cambridge, 25th June 2016

Here are the group photos from our busy mixed media workshop.

Melanie set up two tables in the centre of the hall and on them put an easel from which she draped several different coloured fabrics. Upon the fabrics she placed flowers, vases, pots, candlesticks, lamps, grapes and cups on saucers, to make four interesting still-life compositions. Our tables were placed around this set-up, so that wherever we sat we could see a whole still-life.

Melanie sketched in charcoal on a board and showed us how inks could be used to give a quick, fluid background, into which we could glue paper or fabric, or just left to run slightly.

When the ink had dried Melanie started using acrylic paint to define the shape of the objects and the light source. The glass of the lamp was hinted at with white paint over the turquoise ink. The dark grapes had highlights added with soft pastel and the white flowers given a 3D effect by mixing white paint with art modelling paste and applying with a palette knife.

After lunch most members carried on with their still-life, but those who had finished were shown how to combine three photos of a bluebell wood to make into a composition of their own. Watercolour was mostly used this time for speed, but Melanie said that acrylic and thickener could be used over the watercolour to build up depth of field.

We all had a successful day painting and will hopefully use Melanie’s advice and tips in our future paintings.