May and June sessions 2016


Wednesday 11th 7-9pm – Spring Competition – any medium

Our yearly competition is a very friendly affair and is NOT compulsory….if you don’t want to enter a picture for judging, that’s fine, please just use the subject as inspiration for a painting.

The theme this year is…Historic Houses

There’s no right or wrong way to paint this theme, simply your own interpretation of the words, in any medium. The variety of possible subjects is endless:- a close-up of a small historic house in a village, to the splendour of Blenheim Palace nestled amongst majestic gardens, and every size historic house in-between.
If you need inspiration look at books and websites of the National Trust, English Heritage and the HHA (Historic Houses Association).

Saturday 28th   10am-3.30pm   –  Spring Competition continued

Continue with your historic house picture, or paint another. All pictures to be in by 3pm, when we all cast one vote for our favourite painting. The artist of the winning painting will win a small cash prize.

The fee for today is £5. No need to book.



Wednesday 8th 7-9pm – Neolithic Megaliths

Quite simply ‘neolithic’ means Stone Age and ‘megalith’ means great stone. The summer solstice is celebrated every June, so think of the standing stones in prehistoric sites in Britain and abroad. Such as…Stonehenge, Avebury, Callanish, Castlerigg, Stenness, Carnac, Kit’s Coty and the wonderfully named Long Meg and her Daughters.

Saturday 25th 10am-3.30pm – Mixed Media Workshop with Melanie Cambridge

Melanie likes to use acrylics, inks, pastels, collage and gouache in her workshops, but please don’t worry if you don’t have all of these mediums as she will bring along a selection with her. Melanie’s style is quite loose and her work can be found at her website…
The subject will be decided nearer the date and you will be informed.
A favourite book of Melanie’s is ‘Expressive Painting in Mixed Media’ by the artist Soraya French, published in 2014. More info about Soraya’s painting can be found at where you can click on the ‘gallery’ to see her painting style.

The fee for today is £14.

Please book your place with Susan asap, by phone, email, or by seeing her at one of the sessions.

(Please do not use the comments box to book your place, as the messages can take days to get through. Thank you!)

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