March & April 2016

Thank you to everyone who has renewed their yearly membership with M&C Art Group. We look forward to seeing you at one of our sessions soon!

If you haven’t yet renewed, please send your £12 cheque to Susan asap, to the address supplied in an email sent in January. Or if you receive this newsletter as a paper copy, please complete and send the renewal form that was posted to you with the January/February newsletter.

Our workshops last year were all undersubscribed, often by several places, and were run at a loss. It is therefore a nice surprise that the first workshop this year is oversubscribed, and there is a waiting list too. Apologies if some of you are upset by this, but the workshops have always been offered on a first-come-first-served basis, and on rare occasions a waiting list has been used. Many artists limit their workshops to only 15 people, so we are very grateful that the artists we have coming to us let us have up to 25 members. Any more members and the artist cannot get around to everybody to advise and help with their painting.

You’ll notice that for April’s workshop the price is £14, a couple of pounds more than usual. This is because the hall hire hourly fee increased and the small subsidy received from the parish hall committee has further reduced this year. This means that even though M&C subsidises each workshop, we have had to charge a little more each, just to try and cover the fees and hall hire each time we have an artist. We hope you won’t mind paying that extra couple of pounds towards the workshops.

A gentle reminder to all, is that all our Saturday sessions are from 10am until 3.30pm. It’s great to paint all day and then exhibit our pictures about 3.15pm so that we can see what each other has created. If people leave early, then we can’t see your finished painting!
If we have a workshop then the artist usually finishes around 3pm, which then allows us to exhibit our work for appraisal by the artist and each other. After this we can then start to wash up mugs, then clean and clear tables and chairs. But if you really have to leave early, please leave as quietly as you can, so as not to disturb everyone else.


Wednesday 9th 7-9pm – Looking through……

Looking through…..a window, door, an arch, a tunnel, net curtains, leaves. Any medium, your choice of what to look through.

Saturday 26th 10am-3.30pm – Easter

Our meeting falls on Easter Saturday, so use Easter as your inspiration. Perhaps think of the spiritual meaning of Easter, or maybe go back to earlier times and be influenced by Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring, whose consort was a hare. Springtime means that nature is reawakening with snowdrops, daffodils and blossom on trees. Easter could be a time of family gathering with a surfeit of food and chocolate eggs. Use any medium and let your creativity flow.  The fee for today is £5, no need to book.


Wednesday 13th 7-9pm – Windmills

Windmills can be seen on Kent’s skyline in many places, so use any photos you have of them, or reference pictures. Or perhaps think of further afield? Tulips in the Netherlands bloom between mid-March to the end of May. Holiday brochures with photos of row upon row of colourful tulips in front of windmills could be a good place to start.

Saturday 23rd 10am-3.30pm – Watercolour workshop with Paul Simmons

A new artist for us, we welcome Paul Simmons as our tutor today. He paints vibrant watercolours and oils of cityscapes, landscapes, cafe and street scenes, inspired by colour and light. His work has been sold as prints in IKEA and as cards at WHS. His website is at
The subject we will be painting will be confirmed to you nearer the date.

The cost is £14. Please book with Susan asap.

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    • Mai……Please email or phone Susan directly to book your place. Details of her phone number and email address were emailed to everyone in January. Messages on here do not go directly to Susan, but on to the public blog. Thank you!

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