Snow Scenes January 2016


Well done to everyone who came along and painted snow scenes, we had 23 members working in pastel, oil and watercolour. The results are here, some still need to be finished but we had a really good session. We hope you enjoy seeing the work produced.

January & February 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our members and THANK YOU for your continued support.

2015 was another good year for our group, the highlight being our successful Open Day in October, with lots of visitors and many paintings sold.

Our blog continues online ( and this newsletter is posted there every two months, together with any articles relating to the group and with photos of our sessions. This also gives you the opportunity to have your work on show, so please continue to look at the blog and send Susan your paintings for inclusion. Don’t forget to become a “follower’, if you haven’t already done so, to ensure that you get e-mail alerts every time something is posted on this site. The blog is for you, so please use it!

For 2016 we will be having another Open Day (but please note that it will be in November this year, so it doesn’t clash with the school half-term in October) and we will again be painting outside in the summer.

The annual subs of £12.00 are now due.

A paying-in form is provided with this newsletter and cheques should be made payable to “M & C Art Group”.

Please return forms and cheques to Susan as soon as possible and at the latest by the end of February. Alternatively, please hand your form and money to Susan at one of the meetings asap.

All Wednesday evenings will be free again this year, unless we have a guest artist or model. No bookings are required for Wednesday evenings but please book for all Saturday workshops as we may occasionally have to limit numbers.

Free coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided at all meetings.

The session ideas we suggest are to help you think of what to paint….if you are already working on something else, no problem at all, please come along anyway for a cuppa and a natter!


Wednesday 13th 7-9pm – Pencils and Coloured Pencils

Can’t think of what to paint? Stuck for an idea? If you’re suffering from New Year apathy, don’t worry about bringing all your paints, just bring along paper, pencils and/or coloured pencils. Practice your drawing skills with shapes and shading. We’ll also have sheets of a grown-up colouring book if you just want a nice quiet evening getting back into an arty frame of mind.

Saturday 23rd 10.00am -3.30pm – Snow Scene

Hopefully it won’t be snowing on this day, but come along and paint a snow scene. Before recycling all your Christmas cards, choose a few of your favourite snow scene cards for inspiration. Paint just the one, or if you bring along a few cards, then have a go at painting all of them, using any media. At the end of the session we’ll put our paintings on show on the side wall, so we can see what we have created.
The fee for today is £5.00 No need to book.


Wednesday 10th 7-9pm – Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis and the Southern Lights, Aurora Australis, are the amazing natural phenomenon at the Earth’s poles. In Roman legend Aurora is the goddess of the dawn and Aurora Borealis means ‘Dawn of the North’.
Have you been lucky enough to see them? Bring along any photos, downloads or magazine pictures and we’ll attempt to capture their beauty in our paintings.
There’s lots of info at… and click through to the ‘gallery’, or simple look on google images for thousands of beautiful photos.

Saturday 27th 10.00am -3.30pm –  Acrylic Workshop with Paul Alcock
Paul will coming to run our first workshop of the year. His style of painting can be found on his website . The subject we will be painting will be confirmed nearer the date.
The fee for today is £12.00. Please use the booking form below.

Please email or phone Susan asap to book your place, or use the booking form below and post to her.

The dates for our meetings in 2016 are as follows:-


Jan 13th, Feb 10th, March 9th, April 13th, May 11th, June 8th, July 13th,
August 10th, Sep 14th, Oct 12th, Nov 9th, Dec 14th (Christmas party)


Jan 23rd, Feb 27th, March 26th, April 23rd, May 28th, June 25th, July 23rd (painting outside), Aug 27th (painting outside), Sep 24th, Oct 22nd, Nov 26th (please note new month for Open Day)

Please put these dates in your diary, noting that the Saturday dates are for the 4th Saturday, which is not always the last Saturday of the month.
Please book ___________________________on the workshop

I enclose a cheque/cash for £_______ made payable to M & C Art Group.

Post/ Hand to Susan who will contact you to confirm your booking

Please complete this form and post to Susan with a cheque for £12.00 payable to ”M & C Art Group “. Alternatively hand in with cash or cheque at the next meeting.

Telephone Number___________________________________________
E-Mail Address________________________________________________
Your e-mail address will be shared with M & C Art Group members only. Please advise if you do not want this information given out.