November & December 2015 sessions


Wednesday 11th 7-9pm – Hibernating animals

Now the weather has turned colder, many animals start their winter hibernation. Use any medium to depict an animal hibernating. Some animals to choose from are bats, bees, butterflies, four types of bear, dormice, hedgehogs, tortoises, squirrels or amphibians.

Saturday 28th 10am-3.30pm – Pastel Workshop with Joel Wareing

We haven’t had a pastel workshop for a long time, so dust off your pastels! Joel will guide us through a street scene with people. He’s emailed a suggested list of materials, but please don’t go spending a lot, bring along the pastels you have:-

1 – Sennelier pastel card – 65cm x 50cm (approx 25”x 20”) – grey or Van Dyke brown, or Daler Rowney Murano pastel paper – coal shade (Joel will have paper to buy on the day)

2 – a range of hard and soft pastels (Joel uses a combination of Unison, Daler Rowney and Sennelier pastels, with Faber Castel pastel pencils to start with)

3 – charcoal could be useful but not essential.

4 – A street scene image with interesting body language e.g. people seated at a cafe table, walking along a street, browsing in a market etc (Joel will have a selection of images to work from, if you do not have your own image)

He doesn’t use fixative but if anyone wants to bring some that’s okay.

Joel will bring some examples of his previous work and will aim to complete his own pastel picture throughout the day, calling us to his picture at intervals to explain various things. Normally people produce one picture on his
workshops but sometimes there is time for another one.

His website – has examples of his technique and you can see the type of picture to bring.

The cost is £12. Please book with Susan a.s.a.p.


Wednesday 9th 6.30 – 9pm – Party

As usual we will be having our traditional party. Your family is welcome too. Drink will be provided but please bring along a plate of food to share.

If you can help organise the evening and/or have any quiz ideas, please let us know.

Dress in your best Christmas finery…silly hats optional.

Please let us know if you are coming and if you are bringing a guest.

There will be no Saturday meeting in December as usual, but put Wednesday 13th January in your diaries as it will our first meeting of 2016

2 thoughts on “November & December 2015 sessions

  1. Hello Mai,

    I have told Susan that you wish to come to the pastel workshop.

    For all workshops it’s best to contact Susan direct, by phone or email, as the newsletter requests. Your message will then go straight to her and she can confirm your place at the session or whether you can join the waiting list.

    Messages through this blog do not go straight to Susan, and often take a few days to appear as the system has to clear the messages first.

    Hope that makes things quicker for you when booking workshops in the future!
    from Tracy Q-P

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