September and October 2015 sessions


Wednesday 9th 7-9pm – Lighthouses
In any medium paint a view of your favourite lighthouse, around Britain or anywhere in the world.
The Corporation of Trinity House has been looking after the safety of shipping and the well being of seafarers for over 500 years around British shores. Their website has lots of fascinating facts and photos of lighthouses….

Saturday 26th 10am-3.30pm – Watercolour Workshop with Sue Bradley
Sue is a new artist to visit us and she’ll be painting in her colourful style. Her website is at

Please see/email Tracy Q-P to book your place.

The fee for today will be £12


Wednesday 14th 7-9pm – Preparing for our Open Day
Finish off any paintings that you will be displaying at our Open Day in ten days.

Friday 23rd October 7-9pm – Handing in paintings, and hanging

We would be grateful for a few volunteers to help with hanging!

Framed work, up to 6 per member, must be ready to hang with D rings and cord.
Mounted work, no limit, ready to be placed in a print rack.
Work can be for sale, or not.
All work must have a label with your name, its title, medium used,
£ price or NFS.
Ideally this label should be on the front of the painting or plastic cover of mounted work, or a hanging luggage label would be okay from a frame.

We are not charging commission, so please price at the amount you would like for your work.
Please note that we and the hall do not have insurance, so if you are concerned about loss or damage, then you need to arrange your own cover. If you are a member of the SAA, please check with them as to what cover you have.

Saturday 24th October 10-3.30pm – Open Day

Come along and ‘do your own thing’ today, like a normal Saturday, but with our work on display. We hope that visitors will come and see what we create during our arty sessions, and that you will be happy to chat to anyone who shows an interest in your work.
The fee for today is £5

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