Floral Watercolour Workshop with Julie King

We had a very successful day yesterday with Julie, it was her first time painting with us and it went extremely well. She is an excellent teacher and worked very hard in demonstrating and coming around to help us all individually.

Tracy did a great job scouring the local shops to gather as many pink and purple tulips that she could buy and they were beautiful. Julie kindly brought along some anenomes and foliage and provided us with vases. Some lovely work was produced as you can see here.

IMG_1226 IMG_1219 IMG_1218 IMG_1222 IMG_1221 IMG_1220 IMG_1248 IMG_1240 IMG_1234 IMG_1228 IMG_1227 IMG_1233 IMG_1239 IMG_1247 IMG_1232 IMG_1229 IMG_1244 IMG_1236 IMG_1230 IMG_1245 IMG_1237 IMG_1249 IMG_1241 IMG_1242 IMG_1246 IMG_1243 IMG_1238 IMG_1235

2 thoughts on “Floral Watercolour Workshop with Julie King

  1. Well done everyone – as Tracy says some very good work produced! Perhaps if we can have Julie again she could do a watercolour landscape, which would be very interesting.

  2. You’ve taken some great action shots of us painting, Susan!
    The individual photos show the variety of paintings we produced….aren’t the colours beautiful and harmonius?
    I really enjoyed the workshop with Julie….what a lovely, patient and very talented lady.

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