May and June sessions…….


Wednesday 13th   7-9pm   –   Spring Competition – any medium

The theme this year is ‘VICTORY.

There is no right or wrong way to paint this theme, simply your own interpretation of the word. The variety of possible subjects is endless:- victory of your favourite sports team, victory over a personal difficulty, victory in love or war….it’s 75 years since the Battle of Britain and 70 years since WWII ended. In Roman times Victoria was the personified Goddess of Victory, who previously had been called Nike by the Greeks.

Our yearly competition is a very friendly affair and is NOT compulsory….if you do not want to enter a picture for judging, please just use ‘Victory’ as inspiration for a painting.

Saturday 23rd   10am-3.30pm   –  Spring Competition continued.

Continue with your Victory picture, or paint another. All pictures to be in by 3pm, when we can all cast one vote for our favourite painting. The artist of the winning painting will win a small cash prize.

The fee for today is £5.


Wednesday 10th   7-9pm   –   Silhouettes

Paint any subject as a silhouette…a person, building, animal, or landscape. Did you know that silhouettes are named after an 18th century French finance minister called Etienne de Silhouette?

Fascinating info here…

Saturday 27th   10am-3.30pm   –   Workshop with Jon and Bon

John and Bonita’s car broke down on their way to us last September, so we couldn’t enjoy their workshop. Re-booked for today, join in John’s acrylic workshop at one end of the hall, or Bonita’s watercolour workshop at the other end.

Here is their website.…

Please see/phone/email Susan if you wish to come. The fee for today is £11