March and April sessions……


Weds 11th   7-9pm  –  Bridges

A simple theme, but with many interpretations. Your painting could be an actually bridge, between river banks or over towns or farmland. Or perhaps a metaphorical bridge between different cultures and people.

Sat 28th  10am-3.30pm   – Animals

In any medium, paint pets, farm animals, wild animals from Britain or abroad, on land, in water, in the air… many possibilities of subjects, the choice is yours. We also hope to have some animals from Medway Taxidermy, for us to sketch from….but no touching please!

The fee for today is £5 – no need to book.


Weds 8th  7-9pm  – Loneliness

Another subject with many interpretations….a lonely person, a lone tree in a landscape, a single animal in its zoo enclosure. Many people like to be alone, but they are not lonely….what will your painting represent?

Sat 25th  10am-3.30pm  –  Floral Watercolour Workshop with Julie King

Joining us today is artist and designer Julie King, from Tunbridge Wells. We will start the session with Julie spending time demonstrating her style of watercolour by painting a flower.  We will then return to our tables to paint a flower for ourselves. We will supply the flowers and a small vase or oasis.
To see Julie’s style of painting and the different subjects she paints, look at  .

The fee for today is £12.

The artist has requested that numbers be limited to 25….so please contact Susan a.s.a.p. to book your place.

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