HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our members and THANK YOU for your continued support.

 2014 was another good year, highlighted with our Open Day in October which was very successful. Our blog was launched and this newsletter is now posted on the blog every two months, together with any articles relating to the group. This also gives you the opportunity to have your work on show, so please continue to look at the blog and send Susan your paintings for inclusion. Don’t forget to become a “follower’ (if you haven’t already done so) to ensure that you get e-mail alerts every time something is posted on this site. The blog is for you so please use it.

For 2015 we will be having another Open Day and will again be painting outside in the summer.

Chalk Parish Hall have substantially increased the amount we pay to hire the hall. However, for this coming year, they have given us a large subsidy. We have decided to hire only half the hall for the Wednesday meetings. Although this will mean losing the patio door end of the hall, we feel that we could manage without for our evening meetings. Subsequently we will not be increasing the annual and monthly subs.

The annual subs of £12.00 are now due. A paying-in form is provided with this newsletter and cheques should be made payable to “M & C Art Group”. Please return forms and cheques to Susan as soon as possible and at the latest by the end of February. All Wednesday evenings will be free again this year, unless we have a guest artist or model. No bookings are required for Wednesday evenings but please book for all Saturday workshops as we may occasionally have to limit numbers. Free coffee, tea and biscuits will be provided at all meetings.

The session ideas are to help you think of what to paint….if you are already working on something else, no problem at all, come along anyway for a drink and a natter!


Wednesday 14th 7 – 9pm – Light

In cold, dark January let’s fill our paintings with light. Use any medium to create a painting…. perhaps sunlight on a landscape or seascape, the drama of crepuscular rays or a still life with light and dark shapes.

Saturday 24th 10.00am -3.30pm – Oriental Art

Soon to be the Chinese Year of the Goat, take your inspiration from the New Year celebrations with dragons, lanterns and dancers, or perhaps from the vast landscape of China. A modern watercolourist who combines old and new techniques is Lian Quan Zhen….see his work at lianspainting.com.

Japan could be your choice….the landscape of mountains and sea, or maybe the skyscrapers and lights of Tokyo. Katsushika Hokusai created amazing prints, his most famous, ‘The Wave’, has inspired artists for generations.

The fee for today is £5.00 No need to book.


Wednesday 11th 7-9pm – Food & Drink

Interpret as you wish. A still life of a wine bottle and glass, a cornucopia of fruit, a lush landscape of hay ready to harvest or chickens in a farmyard.

Saturday 28th 10.00am -3.30pm –   Collage workshop with Fiona Spirals

Local artist Fiona comes from Lower Higham and uses the nearby marshes as inspiration for her collages….see her work at fionaspirals.co.uk.

Please bring along your own photo or picture, also a canvas (can be old one you can collage over), canvas board or hardboard like MDF to work on….paper on its own will not be strong enough for all the glue!

Fiona will supply magazines to tear and the glue.

The fee for today is £7.00. Please use the booking form below


Please book _______________________ on the workshop/s on____________________________2015. I enclose a cheque/cash for £_______ made payable to M & C Art Group.  

Post/ Hand to Susan who will contact you to confirm your booking


The dates for our meetings this year are as follows:-


Jan 14th, Feb 11th, March 11th, April 8th, May 13th, June 10th, July 8th August 12th, Sep 9th, Oct 14th, Nov 11th, Dec 9th (Christmas party)


Jan 24th, Feb 28th, March 28th, April 25th, May 23rd, June 27th, July 25th (painting outside), Aug 22nd (painting outside), Sep 26th, Oct 24th (Open day), Nov 28th.

Please put these dates in your diary, making note that the Saturday dates are for the 4th Saturday which is not always the last Saturday of the month.



Please complete this form and post to Susan with a cheque for £12.00 payable to ”M & C Art Group “. Alternatively hand in with cash or a cheque at the next meeting. Thanking you.






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Your e-mail address will be shared with M & C Art Group members only. Please advise if you do not want this information given out.