May and June Newsletter


Wednesday 14th   7-9pm    – Leafless Trees

In our landscapes we usually seem to paint any old tree shape that fits in.  Take a look at trees without their leaves, how each breed of tree is a different shape and even within each type there are many different shapes, caused by growing in different environments.   Google ‘leafless trees’, then click on ‘images’, to see thousands of tree shapes.

Saturday 24th 10am-3.30pm   – Urban Landscape

Most artists that run workshops with us paint

countryside landscapes.  Today, using any medium, paint an urban landscape.  It could be a favourite city or town that you have already visited, or would love to travel to.  Add people to your painting to give it a sense of scale, movement and density of population.  A recent phenomenon are groups of artists who call themselves ‘urban sketchers’, who sit in public spaces and draw the people around them, then post their sketches on the internet. Show your painting at the end of the session, to see what we have created.

The fee for today is £5.00. No Need to book



Wednesday 11th 7-9pm  – Basic pen or pencil

When a painting doesn’t work out, do you blame your lack of drawing skills?  Let’s go back to basics and get those initial drawings correct in their composition, perspective and tone.  Once you have drawn a subject, perhaps you will now go over those initial pencil lines with the more definite lines of pen.

Saturday 28th 10am-3.30pm   – Vintage Railway Posters

The first part of the 20th century was a golden age in the production of promotional posters supporting Britain’s developing tourism industry.  Design your own poster to a favourite destination, or copy one…….we will have plenty of reference material available for you to use.

Or if you want to search for ideas, look up  or ,where you can look up designs by county.  We’ll show our posters at the end of the session.

The fee for today is £5.00 No need to book.

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