Acrylic Workshop with David Hyde May 2019

We had a brilliant day painting with David. He is an excellent tutor and gave us lots of advice which will make a big difference to the way we use acrylics. Here are some photos of David and the group working, together with David’s finished painting. Make sure you click on the goldfinch to see the textures and detail.

Here are our members’ paintings from the day including Patrick’s raven and Ken’s two watercolours.

Queen Victoria 8th May 2019

DSC05414Our topic was, in fact, anything relating to Queen Victoria and the Victorian era. How interesting to see the range of subjects used. We have numerous paintings of Queen Victoria at different ages.

Here are some William Morris designs including a modern day interpretation.

Here we have the Taj Mahal and an Indian gentleman (India once being part of the British Empire), Rosherville Gardens (Victorian Pleasure Gardens in Gravesend, a favourite destination for thousands of Londoners, many travelling by paddle steamer down the River Thames, no longer in existence). The Clock Tower, Gravesend and Victoria Falls (in Africa named by David Livingstone).

And finally James Clerk Maxwell (The Scottish physicist best known for his formulation of electromagnetic theory), Charles Dickens and a lady in a crinoline.

May & June 2019


Wednesday 8th 7-9pm – Queen Victoria

Princess Alexandrina Victoria was born 200 years ago this month. At birth she was fifth in line to the throne, but just 18 years later became Queen Victoria and reigned for 63 years. You could paint Queen Victoria as a young or old woman, or paint a famous Victorian like Prince Albert, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickins, Isabella Beeton, Alexander Graham Bell, Mary Seacole, William Morris etc. Or paint a Victorian invention, the crown jewels, a William Morris design, a view in India as Victoria was Empress of India, or a statue of her, such as the one in Gravesend Market. 

Saturday 25th     10am-3.30pm    –   Acrylic workshop with David Hyde

David painted with us a few years ago and today we welcome him back. We will be painting wildlife in acrylic, probably birds, but final details will be known nearer the time.  Have a look at David’s website at

If you’d like to attend, please check your diary first to see if you’re free.  If you are, please email or phone Susan asap and she will add names to the workshop list in the order received.  If there are more than 25 names, then a waiting list will be used.

Do not use the comments box on the blog to ask for a place, as messages can take days to appear.

The fee for today is £14, which includes David’s workshop and hall hire.


Wednesday 12th      7-9pm     –    Start painting for our Competition

Our yearly competition is a friendly affair and is NOT compulsory.  If you don’t want to enter a painting that’s fine, please just use what is suggested as inspiration for your painting.

The theme is…ANIMALS.

A very general theme this year, so you can basically paint any animals you like! Wild or tame, farm or flying, British or worldwide, furry, feathery or fishy, polar or tropical, in its own native habitat or a study on a plain piece of paper, the choice is yours.

There’s no right or wrong way to paint this subject…just your way.

Saturday 22nd    10am-3.30pm    –    Competition continued

Continue with your animal picture, or paint another. All pictures to be in by 2.45pm, then we all cast one vote for our favourite painting. The artist of the winning painting will win a small cash prize.

The fee for today is £6. No need to book.

Topiary April 2019

As usual at our Wednesday evening meetings we only used half the hall but a good number of members turned out.

While most of us were working on our ‘Topiary’ which is a fascinating subject, some of us were finishing off existing work or making Easter Cards. A range of mediums were used including collage, ink and oils. Most paintings are yet to be finished but will tie in nicely with our upcoming Saturday meeting ‘Spring Greens’.

Watercolour Workshop with Kit Leese March 2019

Kit is a new tutor to our group and we had a very productive day with him.

Most of us worked from our own material while a few used some of Kit’s photos. He demonstrated throughout the day and walked around encouraging and helping where needed. He also showed us how he uses masking fluid and how to stretch paper. We even had time for a demo on creating an abstract painting.

It was a busy, constructive day, thoroughly enjoyable with some good practical and useful tips.

Here are our paintings including a few abstracts.

European Cities March 2019

We had a very good turn out for our Wednesday evening session. Here are our paintings, mostly of european cities with a few exceptions where members were working on their own choice of subject.

You may be able to spot some of the cities (don’t forget you can click on each individual painting for a closer look). Can you find Venice, Liverpool, Heidelberg, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Kotor amongst others?

Paintings finished at home

Here are two paintings from the session on texture that were started on Saturday and then finished at home.

Margaret W’s watercolour woodland picture uses texture to enhance the bark of the trees and the foliage in the foreground. It’s a beautiful painting, Margaret, well done!

Tracy Q-Ps acrylic painting uses the impasto technique of putting on thick layers of paint. This was done with a paintbrush and then the colourful paint on the ampersand was added with a palette knife.