September 2021 Wednesday

It had been a real scorcher during the day so we expected to see quite a few members coming along to take advantage of the hall’s air conditioning. Sadly we were only 9 in total which was disappointing.


Members painted various subjects, finished off work started at Chalk Church and some made a start on this months’ subjects of Transport and Animals

There was also a preliminary portrait of our PAOTM subject, Elaine Page

All refreshments including various biscuits have been renewed and the kitchen fully open so do come along to our next meeting on Saturday the 25th September. We need your support to keep the group financially viable.

September 2021

As the months pass by we are mindful of balancing the wish to return to pre-pandemic normality with the anxiety that others feel about this. We do intend to provide free refreshments again from this month, but if you don’t want to go into the kitchen with others then that’s fine, bring along your own drink and snack/lunch.

We kindly ask that you wear a mask whilst walking around and in the kitchen, but when seated then remove your mask if you wish to do so.

Clean and dirty water buckets will continue to be provided if you do not want to go in the kitchen and anti-bacterial spray will be available if you wish to wipe your table and chair before and after use. Aircon will be turned on during our sessions to provide air movement. Use hand gel as much as you want and if you forget your own then there is usually some on the table in the entrance hall.

We are trying to make the hall as safe as possible for everyone, so please come along to paint and enjoy yourselves!

The sessions this month at the hall will be on…

Wednesday 8th September 7-9pm – Fee £2

and Saturday 25th September 10am-3pm – Fee £6

Here are some ideas to paint this month, but you’re welcome to paint anything at all.


Elaine Page – A well known singer and actress but best known for musical theatre. Draw or paint Elaine at any age or as a character she has played. She has sung as Eva Peron in Evita, Grizabella in Cats, Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, Sandy in Grease, Edith Piaf in Piaf, Anna in the King and I, and also been in Hair, Chess, Anything Goes, Follies and many pantomimes.


This is a very wide subject so you have many choices of what to paint, such as…

Aeroplanes – small private planes, large commercial planes, Concorde, biplanes, triplanes, military planes from early WWI planes to modern stealth aircraft. Also any helicopters, gliders, para gliders, hang gliders or hot air balloons.

Bikes – unicycles, bicycles, tricycles, tandems, mopeds, motorbikes. Being ridden, raced or a bike propped up against a shop with shopping in its basket.

Cars – veteran, vintage, modern, sports, racing, your first car, a car you’d love to own.

Trains – steam, electric, heritage, modern, a train on its own in a station or in a landscape.

Animals – horses, mules, camels, oxen, riding them or pulling a cart.

Boats – rowing boats, canoes, cruise ships, ferries, tall ships, trawlers, gondolas, sailing boats, warships modern and old, leisure boats, canal boats, paddle boats, steamers etc.


Previous months have been named for gods, goddesses and emperors but September is the first of four months named for a number. From the Latin ‘septem’ meaning seven, in the original Roman Republican calendar September was the seventh month of the year. Julius Caesar introduced the Julian Calendar in BCE 46, adding two months to the year so the seventh month became the ninth month of the year.

Draw or paint seven still-life objects, seven swans-a-swimming from the Twelve Days of Christmas Carol or a flower with seven petals. There are also seven continents and seven seas on the Earth, seven colours in a rainbow, the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, seven deadly sins, seven wonders of the ancient world and the South Korean singer known as Se7en.

PAOTM – Benjamin Zephaniah-August 2021

British writer and poet. He was included in the Times list of top 50 Post-war writers in 2008 His poetry is called ‘dup poetry’ which means it is performed – the words are recited over the beat of reggae music.

Christine painted a really colourful Benjamin wearing his ‘Rastacap’ or ‘Tam’

Juliet sent in an image created using her iPad. Surprisingly this was her first attempt. She used the ‘Procreate’ program

Dot first work was a sketch she made in 2005 and the second a striking painting using mixed media. Graphite, watercolour and pencil on Bockingford paper. She started the painting on Saturday and finished it later in the week

Tracy also used her iPad and the pre-installed ‘Art Studio’ programme. She produced the image by using ‘Wet brush,’ her fingers and a ‘tiny brush and has captured a really realistic younger Benjamin

Steve painted a thoughtful Benjamin using Acrylics on hardboard

Well done all.

August 2021 ‘Through the Window’

Tracy finished two pieces of work started at Wednesday’s meeting. She bought these lovely little frames and then added the colourful watercolours. A really original idea

Susan painted two more delicate watercolour sketches from our visit to Chalk Church on Saturday

Steve finished his watercolour and ink painting of Chalk Church in the style of a Tiffany panel. It was fun to try something a bit different.

August 2021 Saturday at Chalk Church

The weather on the day was changeable. We saw the sun, briefly, it was a bit breezy, chilly and finally smoky. In spite of this we had 15 hardy souls just enjoying being together and producing quite a bit a work

Members chose various subjects to draw or paint. Some just made a few sketches

Thank you again to all that attended the July and August outdoor meetings at Chalk Church. We made collections at both and gave a total of £66.69 to the church fund.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday the 8th September at Chalk Parish Hall 7pm to 9pm

August 2021 – Wednesday

It was good to have 16 members attend the session and because we were not restricted to groups of 6 we sat in our usual horseshoe shape and could walk around and look at all the paintings.

Pictures were started of this month’s suggested subjects of PAOTM Benjamin Zephaniah, Emperor Augustus and the view through a window.

Some painted the view through their window including birds in the garden and others painted real places and imaginary ones. Two members continued drawing their granddaughters in pencil. The photo frames at the end are included to show what was bought from eBay for £10 (brown frame) and £7 (blue one) including postage. With shutters that open they can be used as the frame of a window and a painting added to show the view.

August 2021

We plan to meet on the second Wednesday and fourth Saturday as usual, but as things could change at any time please do look out for emails nearer the time of the session. 

Wednesday 11th July – Chalk Parish Hall – 7-9pm 

We no longer have to sit in groups of six so the tables will be in the usual horseshoe shape and you can share a table with another person if you want to. Anti-bacterial spray and cloths will be provided if you would like to clean your table and chair before use.

Face masks are not mandatory but as we’ll be inside we still want to be cautious. We ask that you please wear a mask coming into the hall and if you walk around, but you can remove it whilst sitting down. A way to remember this is…sit down, mask down; stand up, mask up.

The buckets for clean and dirty water will be used at this session and please remember to bring along a drink and snack if you want one. The fee will be £2 towards hall hire.

Saturday 28th August – Chalk Church – after 10am-3pm

Please arrive after 10am so we don’t block the road with cars before the car park gate is open.

This is our second summer session at Chalk Church but as we meet there every year you don’t have to paint the church, come along and paint anything you want to!

The suggested subjects are below or start a picture for our Open Day which will hopefully take place on 27th November. We will have access to the loo and barn but please wear a mask inside as the rooms are small. Don’t forget your folding chair and lunch, snack and drink.

If you don’t want to paint why not join us at lunchtime with your own picnic? Bring along a chair and come for a natter with your art friends.

If it rains we will still meet as there is shelter near to and in the barn.

No fee but a donation to church funds will be appreciated. 

Here are some ideas to paint this month…


  • Benjamin Zephaniah – British writer of novels and poetry, lyricist, musician, performer of dub poetry and in his own words a ‘naughty boy’. His website is at


  • Originally called ‘sextilis’, the sixth month, it was renamed in honour of the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, great nephew of Julius Caesar. From the Latin word ‘augustus’ meaning venerable, noble and majestic. Many mages of Augustus are available online as busts of him are in museums.


  • looking in at
  • your family or favourite room
  • looking out at
  • your garden
  • an imaginary scene
  • a favourite holiday view
  • where you’d rather be if you’re still staying at home
  • include the window frame if you want to

As always these are just suggestions, you are welcome to paint anything at all.

PAOTM – Diana, Princess of Wales – July 2021

In the month that Diana, Princess of Wales, would have been 60 years old, we drew and painted her at various times in her life.

Chris painted her portrait of Diana in loose watercolours, perfectly capturing Diana’s sense of fun as she laughs at the photographers capturing a happy moment in her life.

Brenda drew Diana in coloured and watercolour pencils, a huge smile on Diana’s face with which she greeted friends and strangers alike. A good use of a darker background which makes Diana with her pale hair come to the foreground.

Juliet drew Diana in the pose that she became well known for of looking coyly at the viewer from under her fringe. By emphasising Diana’s eyes with darker lines Juliet makes sure we are drawn to her gaze.

Steve drew a thoughtful and confident looking Diana in charcoal on Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper. He chose a portrait of Diana wearing a tiara, which must have taken ages to draw in such detail.

Tracy also chose a pose of Diana looking coyly at photographers from under her fringe. In watercolours she used darker colours around Diana’s eyes, making them the centre of attention. It took about 15 minutes sketching and and hour painting, on A4 Hobbycraft watercolour sketchbook paper.

Finished pictures for Japan and July

Four more pictures have been completed for the suggested July subjects, having being started last weekend.

Doreen drew Mount Fuji in pencil then used coloured pencils to bring her picture to life. She used cherry blossom arching over the top and a figure in the foreground to great effect as they give a convincing depth of field.

Cynthia used graphite pencils in grades HB, 4B and 8B for her geisha, creating intricate patterns on the geisha’s elaborate kimono.

Angela D used pencils for her portrait of Julius Caesar, who the month of June is named for. The stern gaze of Julius stares deeply into the viewer.

Dot also used pencils for her portrait of Julius Caesar, using darker shadows under the chin and highlights on his cheeks to give the portrait a sculptural feel.

July 2021 – Saturday at Chalk Church

The forecast for the day was thunderstorms and rain but they were over before we even got to the church. For the eight hardy members who came along to paint and two who joined us for a chat we didn’t have a single drop of rain for the whole 5 hours we were there! It was a good session and we all enjoyed painting together in the verdant church grounds.

The suggested subjects of Japan and Julius Caesar for July prompted a sketch of the senator himself, a handwritten haiku composed on the day, a Japanese garden and paintings inspired by geisha, Hokusai and an Olympic Games illustration. Other members drew, painted and used oil pastels for pictures based on the scenery around them. It was very pleasing to know that 4 members who couldn’t attend created pictures at home too.