Finished moon landing painting

Steve started his moon landing painting at the last session then finished it at home. His painting is based on the iconic photograph taken by Neil Armstrong, of Buzz Aldrin climbing down the steps of the lunar command module Eagle, just about to step onto the lunar surface for the first time.

Steve’s painting is so detailed that the Earth looks real and it even includes a crosshair from the original photo. It’s a fantastic painting, well done!

Moon Landing – June 2019

A very challenging subject as we had no photographic images of our own, but everyone painted superbly to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing in July 1969.

There were paintings of the moon’s surface, astronauts on the moon, the planets, an alternative moon landing from an alien, Earth rise, the Eagle lunar module, a blue moon, the moon from the Earth and the Columbia command module being recovered from the sea. Most paintings were not finished on the evening, but will be completed at home.

Three of us used the same reference photo of Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon, but all three paintings were different.

There’s also one beautiful iris from Fay, as she had already completed her planets picture.

Competition – Animals June 2019

Well done everyone who entered the competition. We had a good turnout of members and lots of entries. You will recognise some work from our previous meeting which members finished today. The subjects range from family pets to animals in the wild.The mediums used include pencils, watercolour, pastels and acrylics.

The members each receive one vote and the first prize went to Suzan for her ducklings and second prize to Wendy for her Blue Tits. Congratulations and well done to you both.

July & August 2019

We’ll be holding our annual Open Day on Saturday November 23rd 2019.  Please get painting so you’ll have work ready for our visitors, either framed on the walls or mounted in the browsers.  


Wednesday 10th    7 – 9pm    –    First Moon Landing

50 years ago, on 20th July 1969, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission successfully landed the first men on the moon. In any medium paint the Saturn V rocket blasting off, the lunar landing craft called Eagle, astronauts walking on the moon, the view of Earth from the moon, the moon in space, or if you want to stay on Earth then paint a picture of moonlight.

Saturday 27th    FROM 10.00am – 3pm  –   ‘Do your own thing’ at Chalk Church 

Please arrive after 10am and no earlier, so we don’t block Church Lane with cars before the gates are open.  There’s room for all of us to park, so you won’t miss out on a space.  Thank you!

The church and the pond with its ‘Monet’ bridge are popular subjects to paint, but please don’t feel you have to.  Many of us have painted these before, so instead start any project for our Open Day, or bring any paintings you want to finish. 

If it’s raining we still meetas there’s an indoor room with tables and chairs. There’s free parking, toilet facilities and refreshments as usual. There’s no raffle but bring your packed lunch to eat.

Remember a folding chair if you intend to paint outside, and if you can only make the morning or afternoon, please come along and join us for a couple of hours.

There is no fee for today, but any donation to the Church Fund is appreciated.


Wednesday 14th   7 – 9pm    –   Beach Huts

Think of sunny summer days, or rainy summer days, when beach huts in UK seaside resorts have provided refuge from our weather for many years.  In any medium paint one beach hut or a row of many, all one colour or a rainbow variety. Bring in any photos you might have from your holidays. 

Saturday 24th   FROM 10am – 3pm   –  ‘DYOT’ at Chalk Church

As in July, please arrive after 10am and not before.  You do not have to paint the church or pond.  Finish your painting from last month, paint something new, or complete another project…have you got any paintings ready for our Open Day in November?

Remember your folding chair if you want to paint outside. Again, no fee for today, but any donation to the Church Fund is most welcome.

Acrylic Workshop with David Hyde May 2019

We had a brilliant day painting with David. He is an excellent tutor and gave us lots of advice which will make a big difference to the way we use acrylics. Here are some photos of David and the group working, together with David’s finished painting. Make sure you click on the goldfinch to see the textures and detail.

Here are our members’ paintings from the day including Patrick’s raven and Ken’s two watercolours.

Queen Victoria 8th May 2019

DSC05414Our topic was, in fact, anything relating to Queen Victoria and the Victorian era. How interesting to see the range of subjects used. We have numerous paintings of Queen Victoria at different ages.

Here are some William Morris designs including a modern day interpretation.

Here we have the Taj Mahal and an Indian gentleman (India once being part of the British Empire), Rosherville Gardens (Victorian Pleasure Gardens in Gravesend, a favourite destination for thousands of Londoners, many travelling by paddle steamer down the River Thames, no longer in existence). The Clock Tower, Gravesend and Victoria Falls (in Africa named by David Livingstone).

And finally James Clerk Maxwell (The Scottish physicist best known for his formulation of electromagnetic theory), Charles Dickens and a lady in a crinoline.